LifeSpark Ministries is not your typical “Sunday” morning ministry that focuses on pastoring or evangelizing. We are different, and we like that. We focus on encouragement through personal growth to fulfill what God has placed in our hearts to do.
As a Believer we all called to ministry.  Ministry means to serve.  We can serve through the medical field, entrepreneurship, corporate America, in the home or even on a sports team! You don’t have to be a preacher, or a certified minister to do what God has placed in your heart. You just need to have a heart and a desire to serve God in the capacity you find yourself in.  Here’s a great article on this topic.
Our founder Tereciah V. Smithen-Quintana is dedicated to encouraging and building up the lives of women.
It is her desire to bring the principles of God and his word into their lives and show them how to move into their fullness – their purpose; to help them “light their spark.”  To take the promises God has in His Word and show others how to apply it to their lives.
This is done through our subsidiaries, and this is done through teaching (workshops, seminars, small groups, webinars, etc.), speaking engagements, writing (books, devotionals, articles, etc.), coaching (individual or group), and inspirational products/merchandise.
Do you have a feeling that life is passing you by and you can’t find the breaks to make it stop?  Is there an unfulfilled dream or goal within you that you have wanted to start, finish or just do?  Do you feel that you could have been more, done more, accomplished more in life, if you had, had a little push of encouragement? Well, your time has come. It is time for you to step out and start doing.
It’s time to move!
It is our desire to touch the lives of many women.  We hope you will be one of them!  Click on the links to visit each site.
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